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We are seasonal and as of March 15th 5PM PST we are open only 1 time per week for online orders.

This information is in the menu under closures.


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Cheerleaderhairpieces is an online based company-19 years in business.

Please understand that by placing an order with Cheerleaderhairpieces you are agreeing to all policies and terms by checking the I agree box to order. It is your responsibility to read all terms. 

Do to the size and many photos on this website phone apps may not show you all products or menu items.

We conduct all business online. For this reason, if you do not have online access we do not suggest ordering from our company since receipts, tracking numbers and conversations are our main forms of communications. This is for your benefit, as well as for our personal record keeping.

Help Section 

To keep cost down on prices for everyone we ask you to help yourself to find your answer below to any questions you may have. We have a small staff and most questions have already been answered below. The email is at the bottom of this page if you ask a question thats answered in the Help section we will not respond. Thank you.

818 378 4389

 Most common Questions

We no-longer can give team discounts as materials to produce the pieces has risen dramatically.

Prices on some items went up for 2019. We reserve the right to raise prices when needed do to material costs.

Has my order shipped? Representatives do not have access to resent ship records. We send tracking to your email. Please allow at least 7 mailing days before contacting us. Thank you

At times for various reasons you may not receive a tracking number. If there is an issue with your order we will contact you. No need to email us.  

Color match Help by Text Link

We accept Visa, master card, Discover for online orders. 

# 1 Note: We will not be offering team discounts as of 2018.

#2 Question: Do you have my order? After you press process a pop up page states thank you for your order with a receipt. The order ID number is on this receipt.

#3 Question: When do we expect out of stock colors to be in?  Stock Info

# 4 Question: I have a shipping questions. See Shipping section.How Much is shipping ? See ship section in menu.

# 5 Question: When will I receive my exchange refund. Exchange refunds are done within 30 business days usually before. We do not count Holidays, Weekends and closure dates in the 30 business days. We do not notify you upon receipt of your returning item as we do not have that ability, this is why we ask you to ship items back with a track number for you to view. We will send a email when you are refunded.

Exchange credit delays are do to not following directions under exchange section in the menu. 

# 6 Question: Can I email you what I need to make sure they are all available? No you will need to add them to your cart to be sure an item is available because we can tell you it is, but it may not be- by the time you order.

# 7 Question: I just placed my order and its wrong. Can i change it? No changes, but you can call, text or email the order ID # and billing name so we can cancel it, then you can start over. Cancellation has to be immediate if the order processes you will be subject to fees under the policy section. If the order has shipped we cannot change it.

# 8 Credit card error codes. An error code other than 200 decline means you are imputing information incorrectly or funds are not available in your account or on your card.  If you try to many times it will lock you out as a security warning for 24 hours.

# 9 While we strive to keep all styles and colors in stock at times there are delays in manufacturing & shipping. We do not guarantee stock.

# 10 Cheerleaderhairpieces does not use plastic attachments that can break and become sharp. We use flat flexible metal FLAT combs that cannot jab nor break. In 18 years we have never heard of any issues with these combs. If you cannot have any metal or plastic attachments your only choice is to sew the piece on to attach it. You can remove the combs from any hairpiece we offer.

# 11 If you exchange a hairpiece that was on sale and is not anylonger you will be refunded the non sale item within the 30 day time frame.

#12  Prices are subject to change at times. We cannot lower a price as an exception.

At times we upgrade delete or change items. We attempt to find all the links however occasionally one is found. The binding agreement is to the changed or updated item.

# 13 Closures: We operate on a daily order limit. We can only ship a certain amount per day. At times we close to orders to service the current orders. This can be sudden. 

If you did not find your Question your welcome to Email us.

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