Exchanges during the closure.

To make an exchange you will simply either reorder on Sunday online between 10 am PST & 11 am PST. Then return the item with both invoices unopened within the 30 days of ordering. You can also place a mail exchange by returning the item with its invoice unopened and placing an note in the package of the style or color you need to replace the item. Please also state how you wish your item to ship to you 1st class or priority mail fees will apply. ( see ship section for costs) , and style change charges will apply. See Closures for all information in the menu.

Mail to


Exchange dept

PO box 1161  Palo Cedro, Ca 960073

For more detailed exchange instructions see below for help.


  Agreed to POLICY by ordering.

Exchanges and Credits. The information below on refund time frame also applies to Color ring Credits.

We do not ask for you to email us for permission to exchange.

Please DO NOT contact us asking to exchange an opened or tried on and or worn item or to accept returns.  We expect you to know what you are ordering before you order it. We offer Photo and videos to view. No exceptions will be made.

Gift Certificates & Coupons are mail exchange or order online and the item will be refunded as below.

It states everywhere on the web site not to open the item to view.. We do not accept returns.

Items come in clear see through sanitary sealed bags to view the color, style and length. 

We change tags per shipment , Please do not try and send older merchandise from previous orders.

National sanitation laws requires that we do not accept opened items for exchange. Unopened items are gladly accepted for exchange. Please keep in mind your child will be attaching one of these hairpieces, we are sure you want it to be new. 

Cheer Industry season starts in September in this business. We stock as well as we can but customers change styles and its always an educated guess on production amounts. We suggest you order early season.

 The original purchaser must also be the exchange purchaser. No exceptions can be made as we are dealing with credit cards. We do not refund exchange ship charges. We offer many color matching opportunities by chart , by ring, by text , by email.

TO EXCHANGESimply go online within 30 days of your original order and reorder what you wish to exchange by credit card.  After you place your order online a receipt will pop up- make 2 copies of this receipt. Then simply return the unopened products from the original order to us with the old and new invoice by the US postal service We suggest a confirmation of delivery number for your records from the post office, this allows you to track it. We do not notify you upon its arrival to us, we simply put in into the order it was received to service the item. You are responsible for the proper packaging when mailing the item back to us in order to keep the new condition. We will refund you within 30 business days of receiving the order back to the facility. We strive to refund you as soon as possible. We understand that dealing with online exchanges on larger purchases can be costly until we refund you. We appreciate your business and your patience. We work with a small staff to keep the overall costs down on pieces for all customers. If you ordered an item on sale and the sale ended, we cannot refund the difference. We reserve the right to change prices anytime as posted.

Team orders exchanges: Please try and make any needed exchanges at 1 time within the 30 days. The credit card holder is responsible for placing the exchange order. We do not offer independent exchanges off team orders. This is do to credit card records, applied discounts and or coupon codes involved. We do not exchange by mail During opened dates . As of 2018 we will not be offering team discounts. Stock is not guaranteed if you order part of an order and wait for colors to come in and they do not so you switch pieces or return items -we charge 50% restock fee do to the fact that the items you purchased to hold could have been sold to another customer.

TRIAL OFFER: for out of stock exchange colors. Your welcome to wait for its arrival to exchange by returning your unopened item with its invoice within 30 days of the original order stating Clearly you want the in store credit for the future exchange. If you do not state this on your invoice or a note inside the package, the item will be returned to you at your expense as we do not accept returns. Prices may not be the same if you choose another style. The credit can be used more than one time. It will only be good for 60 days. Its Non refundable. Please allow 30 business days for processing your item and sending a code. Once the time frame is up the code you are given is not retrievable. Please think about this because you are not refunded unused funds left on the coupon by you. We are also seasonal and close March 15 - July.

 A 6.00 fee per issue will be charged for exchanges done incorrectly ( missing invoices is a main factor ).  Photos of any refused item with detailed reasons will be noted, other charges may apply. Your item will be returned to you at your expense if done incorrectly. Its very simple to exchange.

If you do not open it and return it properly following above directions you will be refunded. We reserve the right to accept opened items back with a sanitation charge of 20.00.

Cheerleaderhairpieces feels this exchange information is posted properly and can be easily seen in the menu. Your receipt also states we have an exchange section. You accept the exchange policies when ordering by reading and Checking the box to move forward with your order. 

Send Exchanges by U.S.P.S to:


C/O Exchanges Dept
PO Box 1161
Palo Cedro, CA 96073-1161

Please....Do not send signiture required as we pick up on weekends. The post office now locks the doors after hours. 
Thank you for your business.

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