Style Princess 100% Human hair bun cover

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100% Real Human hair Cheer pony bun cover style Princess

Look for the crown at the bottom of this page to order.

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                         Please take the time to read the below information before ordering.

Design your hairpiece.

Style Princess is a 100% human hair full bun cover hairpiece. Made by machine not hand- Very sturdy, Long Lasting.

Princess lengths are 14, 16, 18, 20 inches straight. The netting sizes are 5x5, .We will offer a Mid or small tease at 25.00 extra which will delay shipment by a few days.

Base prices

14 in straight is 180.00

16 in straight is 180.00

A wood handle tool set for extra security is included Free. a 12.00 value

Priority Shipping .01 cent

The net size info

 All the netting sizes expand ( stretches ) The most common is the 5x5. 

Meet your Match.

Matching will be by online photo color chart, we are working on a professional chart. You may also ask for help with the colors or bun size by text.  Here is the HELP LINK.  Weekends may see a text delay. We will text you back( a color suggestion or bun size option) This is not a guarantee & the choice is your decision. Very Soon we will have individual swatches of the human hair that you can order . You can order 1 or more. They will be sent to you in the mail. Then you can hold that up to your hair to make sure the color is correct this will be a purchase not refundable however only a few dollars.

Gyms and Teams over 10 may order a Color ring. The deposits is 50.00. We need the ring returned within 30 days Please. It must be in its original condition. Past 30 days its yours to keep and the deposit will not be refunded.

You can of course use hot tools on this item. We do not (suggest) recoloring of the hairpiece as all human hair is processed to the current color already if you do so it will be at your own risk. It is your responsibly to know what you are ordering. Payments will be processed to confirm the item on special orders. You cannot cancel the order after 24 hours of placement as we have already placed the manufacture order after that time.

If you order any non human hair item in the same order that will not ship until your human hair item ships. Please place 2 orders if you need the other item right away. Thank You.

Please check your cart for accuracy before pressing process to complete your order. 

If you would prefer synthetic in a style very close to Princess here are some options Winner All star 16 in straight or summit curls or Nationals styles. We also have another Human hair style called Star it is not a full bun cover however it is very popular and cost effective.

Youtube Video coming soon.

We do not accept exchanges or returns on this item. Signature required on delivery.


Press on Photos to enlarge. 

Your color choices for solid or mix & match blend 2 colors or choose 2 colors for a highlight

Colors 1B-2-4-6-8-10-14-16-613-24. Standard solids on a 5x5 netting are in stock

Currently updating color chart. color 24 is available yet a larger photo is coming soon.

Order Below. The base price is 180.00 . You can view any additional costs in the cart.

Please choose the 14-16-inch below. The Bun cover net size 5x5 is standard however you may choose another size.

Teams Over 10 items can order a Color ring by simply adding it to cart. 

WE HAVE STOCK OF 14`& 16` INCH ON 5X5 NETTING IN COLORS 1B-2-4-6-10-24-613 -TO SHIP Immediately

We offer Meet your hair color match by text. You send 1 photo of the child in ponytail hair gelled or sprayed. We send a suggestion based on your photo so please send a out door photo. If you feel you need more help order a color consultation.

Shipping is free on the hairpiece if you add anything else to your cart shipping will apply.

Please submit any questions before you order. Text 530-515-0266


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