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As of July 2022 we are consolidating colors to the most popular. We have had over 25 to 30 colors per style for 23 years. Since covid materials and shipping has been difficult. This will speed up the process. Below find the info to convert the colors. Thanks for understanding.

Note".  Look to the bottom of this page to find color info on the human hair matches VS synthetic.

Color is Opinion: Its all in the eyes . Below we give opinion of the colors however take it as are suggested descriptions, your welcome to look at the online color chart, order a color ring or ask to text us a photo.

Synthetic Styles:

TIP. If you click on the online color charts under each style most photos will enlarge. You may wish to print off several of the potential colors on a color printer, since your monitor`s settings may unintentionally change the shade of the color as you see it. Some straight styles may have a few curl photos in the chart this does not reflect the style.

    When matching colors online remember that if you are going to use gel or hair spray your color could go a shade darker in gelled curl styles like Original teen , Youth spiral, spiral pigtails, especially if you are a brunette or have brunette hair with highlights.

The object is to get as close as you can because you can always darken your hair a bit with gel or darken the hairpiece a bit with holding spary. 

Are your events mostly inside or outside?  Remember to have your natural hair with hair spray or gel when matching if applicable. Does hair get darker as winter is near ? Be aware of natural hair color changes ordering ahead for an event.Think about the time of year most of your events occur. Is your hair going to change its color? It may be best to choose a darker shade.

If you are ordering a color ring make sure that if you are choosing a tight curl style to always wrap the swatch around your finger when matching the hair. When the hairpiece has a tight curl, you can get a better match this way. 

99% of the time online color selections work out. We do offer exchanges unopened and color rings, but if you have tried 2 times, we always suggest sending us a photo for matching help. We will give you are opinion based on the photo. This is not a guaranteed match.

Color information: Colors and close colors in order of shades darkest to lightest below. Not all color come in all styles. Check your color choice is available on that styles order page.

Colors descriptions are the opinion only.  - Example= Your dirty blonde may be Lt sandy Brown in our opinion. This is why online some colors descriptions are not available under the photo on the color chart. We want you make your own descript choice.

Black solids


Starry - Dark black solid next close color beauty- Starry has been discontinued.


Beauty- lt black solid next close color starry- Next lighter close color is Mystery.


Brown solids


Mystery- Darkest brown solid -verge of light black close color Beauty.


Spirit- Dark brown solid- close darker color mystery. Close lighter color I spy.


I spy- Opinion ,Med brown solid- close color that is darker is spirit. Color oh la la a 2 tone hairpiece has a I spy color in it but also has a Carmel sun highlight or in some customers opinion a lighter brown.The next solid lighter color is Classy a light brown solid which is much lighter.


Classy- Lt brown solid - closest color Swirl a 50/50 mix.  The darker solid color is I spy a med brown which is much darker..


Wow- Lightest brown solid -close darker color classy -very close colors- No lighter solid brown unless you go to a sandy- mousy color like color Flip. Color wow will pull red overtones if the child has red in the hair. Wow has been discontinued

Enjoy- base color brown- red overtone- No close color. Discontinued


2 tone brown mixes( brown is in hairpiece mixed with other color) Brown dominate.


Lovely- Lt brown 50/50 mix with a darker toned color in brown- can produce red tone if a child has red in their hair, close color swirl. Lovely has been discontinued.

 Swirl- Med brown 50/50 mixe tipping in the lighter color a natural sun tone color Carmel color close to color classy.-close color is lovely. Swirl and Danc`in color are comparable the dancin has a darker base color closer to mystery color a dark brown. Many choose this color if Swirl is out of stock.

Oh la la- Dark brown highlighted with lighter brown 2 tone hairpiece. Closest color swirl but swirl is a 50/50 mix blend the swirls brown is a little lighter.

Carefree- 2 tone Lt brown and dark blonde.  50/50 mix-The brown in carefree matches color wow. Color carefree has the same colors in it but its a highlight.

Pow- 2 tone hairpiece pale brown base mixed 50/50 with golden blond mix- tips in the blonde . Close color in most styles is color flip, Then carefree.

Flip - is a dusty sandy brown with a slight hint of blond- dusty brown is 99%. Closest color is Pow or sweet. Flip has been discontinued


2 tone dark base colors


Danc`in- Lt black with a with a natural highlighted Light brown. Close color is Darling but the base color in darling is light black and the 2cd tone is a lt Carmel. Discontinued

Darling- Lt black with a mix of Carmel that dominates the ends. Close color Danc`in. Discontinued


Blonde 2 tone mixes


Sweet- 2 tone dirty blonde 50/50 mixed pale Lt brown with a pale blond. The colors in this pieces are very close to each other yet visible. Next closest color is luv`it a lighter hairpiece.

Luv`it- Platinum blond, Pale light sandy brown- highlighted. Next close color is cha cha which is a little lighter in the base color.

Summer- platinum blonde and Lt pale strawberry 50/50 at base tipped at ends in platinum blonde . 

Cha cha- Platinum blonde highlighted with Lt blonde. Close color is Luv it which is a little darker base color.

Rock`in- 2 colors dull blonde with a medium brown. ighlighted. The brown in this color is close to I spy color.

Cruz`in- Dark brown highlighted with bright blonde. Closest color Rockin. Cruzin is discontinued


Solid blonde


Surf`in- Solid platinum blonde. Closest color is Cha cha accept cha cha has a lighter golden blonde in it as the highlight. Discontinued.


Red mixes


Butters- Described as butterscotch color ,The color of Bright butter is mixed 50/50 with a medium blonde color to form a solid. Closest color is carefree or sweet. Butters discontinued.


Salsa- Hot irish red solid- closest darker color is flirty. Discontinued.


See`ya- see`ya is a mix of flirty -auburn/salsa-irish red and a dark blonde this piece is highlighted a 2 tone.


Splash- Dark auburn with a dull blonde- highlighted. Discontinued


Red solids

Berry- Dark strawberry solid- The closest darker color is flirty an auburn or a 2 tone See`Ya  berry is discontinued

Flirty- Auburn solid- closest lighter color is berry close other color is salsa. These closest colors are not a few shades off they are different colors totally, however they are the closest colors.

Human hair color VS synthetic colors

these are the closest colors. Human hair is not shinny like synthetic.

1B Mystery

2 spirit

3 classy

4 Enjoy

6 I spy then lovely

8 Wow 

10 Has carefree base color

24 Luvit base color then Cha cha


1b Starry

613 Cha cha or blonde solid.

You can mix colors in human hair by ordering 2 colors. See all info on the human hair styles page.

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