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-PLEASE READ- Not all colors come in all styles or fiber.

Cheerleaderhairpieces: Synthetic hairpiece:

                                  Important Color Ring Instructions 2019/2020

Were seasonal see closures in the menu.

Welcome to Cheerleaderhairpieces customer base. We have been in business 19 years. Our customer service is on -point. We treat all customers with respect and honesty. This is what keeps are company strong. 

In turn we expect you as a customer to read the instructions, policies and terms. Its your responsibility to know what you are ordering. Orders are accepted online 24/7 accept during closures. We have an extensive Help section to answer Questions . Once you receive your order please immediately check the color and style on the tag through the clear bag container.

We know its tempting but do not open the item, unless the color and style seen on its tag are correct and match your invoice and you wish to use the item. We have an exchange section in the menu if you need directions. Opened items cannot be exchanged. No Returns.

We Greatly appreciate your business.  Starting now 3.5.19 Orders over 800.00 will receive hair care Coach packs - Free.

These packs will include 2 travel hair sprays , 5 ponytail holders, a mix of tease ball colors to fill in anyone hairpiece, wiglet pins 20, A wood handle security tool & with extra cords n stoppers,  Assorted colored sew kits 5. A tease brush or comb all in a travel Bag. As a Thank you for your continuing Business. We will be offering these in the attachment section for purchase if anyone else wishes to order one.

            Our Synthetic colors have names not numbers. The swatches on the ring are either solid or have 2 colors. The 2 tone swatches are highlighted pieces. The 2 tone mixes are 50/50 , some swatches are also tipped in lighter colors this reflects the hairpiece color at its ends. We suggest you match the hair to the ring under natural lighting out doors.

            Matching suggestions: We suggest having the girls hair up in a bun with gel or hair spray applied. lf you will be ordering a curly style, wrap the swatch around your finger to match. 

           We suggest matching along the hair line from ear to ear over the top of the head.

We suggest choosing 2 colors per girl in case one is out of stock.

            Styles and colors:

            Original spiral curls, youth spiral, barrel curls, spiral pigtail sets, and standard barrel curls come in all 29 colors of the ring. Spiral pigtails are not being produced for 2018. Check stock for your color.

            The flip style ( discontinued for 2018)some colors still available check online. 

            Piggies sets : starry, beauty, dancin, mystery, spirit, enjoy, oh la la, I spy, swirl, classy,  wow,  pow, carefree, flips, butters, berry, summer, splash, sweet, cruzin, luv it, daring, flirty, this is 23 colors.

            Hailey style comes in colors: starry, dancin, daring ,beauty, mystery, spirit, enjoy, oh la la,  i spy, classy, wow, carefree, pow ,flip, sweet, cruzin,  summer, luv it, cha-cha, butters, berry splash, flirty, see ya.  25 colors

               Winner 10 inch :starry, beauty, mystery, danc`in, spirit, oh la la ,swirl, I spy, classy, wow, flip, carefree, pow, sweet, rock`in, cruz`in, Luv`it, cha cha, surf`in, summer, butters, berry, flirty, salsa, see`ya splash.

Winner All Star 16 : starry, beauty, danc`in, darling/daring, mystery, spirit, enjoy, I spy, oh la la, swirl, classy, wow, flip, carefree, pow, sweet, rock`in, cruz`in, Luv`it, cha cha, summer, surf`in, butters, berry, splash, flirty, see`ya salsa. 

The New Summit style : Beauty, mystery, darling/daring, Danc`in, spirit, I spy, swirl, classy, carefree pow, flip, sweet, summer, rock`in, Luv`it, cha cha, berry, oh la la . This fiber is HT when you match to any color besides browns choose the next darker color on the ring.

The Roller wave ; Beauty, mystery, swirl, spirit, enjoy, I spy, oh la la, classy, wow, pow, carefree, butters, summer, sweet, cruz`in, Luv`it, cha cha, flip, see`ya, berry, flirty, splash, danc`in, salsa, rock`in, darling/daring, starry, surf`in, lovely.

          High Pony Sabrina : same colors as Suzie Q Below.

High Pony Suzie Q: beauty, mystery, spirit, danc`in, I spy, classy, swirl, pow, carefree, flip, sweet, oh La La, summer, luv`it, cha cha, berry, cruzin, butters, splash, salsa. 20 colors. Suzie is being replaced with a new shorter style 2019.

Style Elite & Goddess : beauty, mystery, spirit, I spy, classy, flip, oh la la, danc`in, carefree, pow, sweet, rock`in, luv`it, cha cha, swirl, summer, 16 colors. Goddess replaced witht he Summit style. Elite being replaced with a 2019 style. Some colors are left in stock.

Style Charmed : beauty, mystery, spirit, I spy, classy, swirl, pow, carefree, summer, cruz`in , rock`in, flip, butters, danc`in, luv1it, cha cha, oh la la, sweet, splash, salsa

            We try to have all colors and styles in stock however we cannot guarantee stock.We reserve the right to change prices.

We do not accept returns. We do accept exchanges of opened Merchandise.

Prices of the barrel curl style will go up March 25th to 32.95.

Thank you for your business and have a cheerful day!!!

Please Note: If you need to pay by Check text before you order. Check order exchange refunds are slower than credit card.

We accept the color ring for return within 30 days of ordering it. Please include the invoice. We do not pay for its return shipping. We suggest 1st class mail with a confirmation only- Send to

Cheerleaderhairpieces Corp -Po box 1161 Palo Cedro, Ca 96073 



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