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All styles fit Youth and Teen/Adult unless specified.

Examples: Original Youth spiral and Pigtails fit youths only.

12 inch wave style



Teen in a updoTeen updo
2007 teen on the right VS sale original teen on the leftTeen VS Youth spiral
The difference between thte Tottle and the barrel.12in Roller Wave styled into a updo
12 in Roller WaveRoller Wave style 12in-8in-6in sizes
12 in Roller Wave styled into a funky updo.8in Roller Wave styled into a ponytail
This bow scrunch is from cheer bows ect8 in Rollwe Wave with side bow
Hailey style loose with a side bow12 in Flip Style reversed and put in a ponytail
12 in Flip STyle in a cute funky updo12 in Roller wave reversed Meaning you put in on upside down and now have a longer new style.
12in Flip reversed and styled into a pigtails
12in Flip Style reversed and put in single ponytail
12inch Wave 8 yr oldTeen Spiral
Sale section
Youth Spiral Curls
IN STOCK $19.99 Squad discounts
Spiral Pigtails
IN STOCK squad discounts
Barrel Curls $25.99
IN STOCK includes hairspray
Barrel Piggies
Bounce Scrunchie
sale section
Hailey Style
back photo
Style Hailey Bun pick out for high full style
Daisy Scrunchie
see scrunchie section
Style Hottie
Large Barrel Curls
Spiral Pigtail set
Attitude scrunchie sale sectionStyle Spunk Extension (SEE extentions)Style Bling Sale Item see sale section and then spiral curls
Teen in Spunk
as a scrunchie
Bounce on teen
Scrunchie- in sale section
Teen in Daisy
Sassy on Teen
no bow
12 in roller wave  


New 2007 updated teen spiral $17.99 or see squad discounts section 29 colors

Roller wave


                              Style FLIP 14in  Sale 
                             FLIP on Teen ON SALE
                             14 inches long.
                                          POP  ON SALE
                                  POP on Teen ON SALE
                                  Style 14 in Wave Sale  
                                       Roller wave on Teen
                                       14 in long. ON SALE
                                 BARREL curls                       BARREL curls                         Barrel curl as Pom
                            Bun                 Bun worn spiked
            Bun worn smooth Barrel Curls
Bun worn smooth and high

 14 in flip on 9 yr old style pop

Hailey style brushed into a wave


12in Flip worn high on head 12in Flip 12in Flip Styled in a bun
12in Flip reversed in ponytail 12in Flip reversed side bow 12in Flip style worn reversed gives you 2 styles in one hairpiece
12in Reversed in pigtails 12in Reversed in ponytail Flip reversed makes the hairpieces fall to approx 14inches
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Scrunchie Haily style


The Famous Tease Ball

Small bun ?

Want lift ?

$ 9.99 on Sale 7.99


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