Hairpiece Model Call

            Posted January 15 2019

Dear Hairpiece Customers

CUSTOMER NOTE: for those who already received coupon codes we have to switch you over to gift certificates. Your current code may not work but the new code will so if you have an issue just email us or text the contact is below.

We are closed for season so emails will be responded sporadically.

We are updating are website Logos and photos.

We will have a new look for 2019/2020.

  If you have purchased a hairpiece in the past 2 years from us and have model type photos on your phone or saved to a PC you can send it in to be used on the website. Your photos may also be used to send out news on Social media.

Note February 7 2019: We are sending out Cheer Bucks as they come in for the winners of the model contest. We have so many incredible entries to date. We do still need some action photos and still model photos for the  Barrel Curls,Piggies, Charmed and Roller Wave, Teen original, Youth spiral but keep sending all your photos.

If you want to be a model for one of the New 2019/2020 Fall styles also state that in your email. 

   If chosen you or your child can claim model experience that this company will back, and you will receive a coupon for $50.00 per photo that is good for a hairpiece or anything else on the website valid 1 year. You can also pass on the coupon to a friend or your team.

We have over one million viewers per year.

We are not short on photos sent to us from all over the World, however we are looking for those special almost perfect photos for the home page. In full uniform and all done up for your event. This company involves its customers, we enjoy the photos you think are great and this shows in are successful 20 years in business.

This can be for dance ballet, beauty contests too. 

We can post the childs name or not that is up to you. 

The styles we would like photos for are Charmed, Winner, Winner All Star, Summit, Piggies, Sabrina, Human Hair styles star & Extreme, but send what you have of any other style and we may use it.

Please forward the photos to or text to 18184375919 with your name ,state model photos, and your email address.

Please always include your name and permission to use the photos.  Its best if we can find your billing name on an order you placed or if you still have your order ID number on an email sent to you. Search your email for cheerleaderhairpieces.

The photos need to be clear and the hairpiece obvious. 

Participants not chosen for the current update might still be chosen for the next website update ans still receive he coupon.


We have New styles in the making we know you will Love for 2019/2010 season In stock by July. 

We believe in giving back, we believe in Honest business.

Repost or tweet out to your friends you know who have hairpieces from us.

Thank you for your Business

Questions email


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